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Want to kickstart your creativity?

I get it, not all of us have full-time crafty jobs. (I don’t!) Heck, some of us don’t even want that kind of job. Most of us fall somewhere between “I just want a cuter planner than this pile of sticky notes on my desk” to “What can I do on a shoe string budget and practically no time?” to “Maybe I can make enough to fuel my scrapbook/fabric/sticker buying habit.”

I’ve been there and done that. I want to help you try out new ways to flex your creative muscles without having to put down tons of moola for supplies you don’t even know if you’ll want to keep using.

About Cathleen (That’s Me!)

One day shortly out of college, I realized I wasn’t spending as much time as I wanted on doing fun, creative things. I loved to write. I used to get on painting kicks where I’d paint something new every day. I wanted to learn brush lettering. Yet, somehow, I always found myself going back to derping on the computer or playing a silly phone game. (Not that those are all bad — I just pulled out my old PS2 from years ago and it’s been fun relearning all these old games.) Still, I wanted to do more.

I realized it was easy to fall into the trap of “I don’t have the supplies” or “It will take too long,” but there were really tons of things I could do with just a little imagination and very little in the way of materials or time. I want to spread this journey of learning new things and creating with everyone else!