How To Make Luxury Bath Salts

Relaxing at the end of a long day with a warm, soothing bath is my perfect way to unwind. But, because I live in the city, my bathroom (like the rest of my apartment) is small. I do my best to find different ways to make the experience as spa-like as possible. These essential oil bath salts are a great way to infuse my small bathroom with luxury. While the bath salts are simple to make, it’s the packaging that truly elevates these. They’re the perfect gift – for yourself or someone else!

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DIY Luxury Bath Salt Tutorial

DIY Bath Salts

Small container of epsom bath salts
I started out with this lovely glass jar that I found at my local dollar store. While you can use any container you’d like, I recommend using something with a tight seal for your bath salts. Bathrooms are humid places!
First, I poured 1 cup of epsom salts into a large bowl and put about 15-16 drops of essential oils in each.
RESTORE: 8 drops eucalyptus + 8 drops peppermint
RELAX: 8 drops lavender + 8 drops geranium

REJUVINATE: 8 drops orange + 7 drops peppermint
Mix them together and pour into your glass jar. Try experimenting with your own essential oil combinations. You can also add in ‘extras’ like dead sea salt, himalayan rock salt, or baking soda to your bath salts.

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