The Best Way I Get Essential Oils for Free

Essential oils are a great way to get started making health, beauty, or scented products. However, they can be a little daunting when you first start out. Everyone seems to have their own favorite brand of oils, and some of those brands can get pretty pricey. Here’s my best way to get essential oils for free: Jade Bloom.Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jade Bloom and if you make a purchase after getting your free essential oils, I’ll get a small commission. It doesn’t change the price for you. I don’t sell these oils; I just think they’re great and I want you to be able to get the best prices around too. 

Jade Bloom is a relative newcomer to the essential oil game. I think they’re one of several great brands and you can read more on my opinions about where to get essential oils. The reason I’m devoting an entire post to them is because they’re a great way to get essential oils to try out for free (or very, very cheap). There are two ways you can get free essential oils from them: one of which is a one-time deal, while the other is a rotating special. I’ll go through both of those below.

Essential oils can be expensive, but this is my best way of getting essential oils for free. Try out some new oils you've had your eye on!

Method 1: Jade Bloom University

Jade Bloom University is a great way to learn more about essential oils while earning free full-size bottles. It’s a great way to try out new oils you’re curious about, especially if you combine it with method #2 below.

Jade Bloom University contains series of videos explaining different properties of essential oils, from how they’re tested to how they are used. The courses are split into four categories: “Associates”, “Bachelors”, “Masters”, and “Doctorate” degrees. They don’t actually get harder the further you go along, it’s just a fun way to separate the different courses.

Jade Bloom University Courses

Each set of videos comes with a short quiz — they’re pretty simple and you can, of course, retake them as many times as you need to get a ‘passing’ score. And if you get stuck, there’s plenty of help available elsewhere on the internet. 😉

Free Essential Oil Video

Once you’ve finished each course, your account will be credited with loyalty points you can spend at Jade Bloom. Each set of 250 points is worth $1 on their website. It sounds like a lot at first, but if you complete all of their courses, you get 8100 points or $32.40 to spend! The reward for each level:

  • Associates: 500
  • Bachelors: 1000
  • Masters: 2000
  • Doctorate: 4000

Now, you could go and spend all of this at once, but I highly recommend using method #2 along with this.

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Method #2: Watch for Free Offers

Not only does Jade Bloom give you free products while you get to learn about essential oils, but they have some awesome deals for returning customers too. They routinely give out free products with a $5 or $10 purchase! There are a bunch of ways to find out about these codes: on their website, on social media, or by signing up to their newsletter.

Their current special is their Repel blend, which is meant to keep bugs away.

Free Essential Oils

Although you don’t get to choose which item is free, I’ve found this is a great way to try out new oils or blends. Plus, if what they’re offering this week isn’t your thing, just wait until next month to see what they’ve got up for offer!

Jackpot: Essential Oils for Free

Remember when I said that combining the two methods would be best? This is how I combined loyalty points from Jade Bloom University and their offers to get the most essential oils for free.

Now, in order to get free shipping, you’ll need to spend $10 on their site. Shipping is otherwise around $3, but considering the minimum for free shipping is so low, I think it’s always worth making sure you hit it!

I will point out that loyalty codes only get applied in even dollar amounts. So if your total comes out to $10.10, you’ll still need to pay 10 cents. For the amount of stuff you’re getting, though, I think it’s more than worth it!

Here’s some of what I got with my free loyalty points. Each of the items that says FREE in front of it was a free bottle from method #2.

Essential Oils For Free  Jade Bloom Loyalty Points

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